Independent Group Barnsley

Welcome to the website of The Independent Group Barnsley. We are your local representatives.

Who we are

We are group of ordinary people from Barnsley who would like to see power put in the hands of the people. Since 1973 political control of the council has been held by the Labour Party. Its times to change politics for good in Barnsley.
The Barnsley Independent Group (BIG) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission in Great Britain. BIG have united with other independent councillors and other political parties dedicated to democracy to fight elections in the Barnsley Metropolitan area.
If you too would like to get involved in a brighter future for Barnsley please contact us or come along to one of our regular meetings which take place every month.

We are a group of like minded people who want to see Barnsley put back in the hands of the local people. We need to listen to the people because we are their servants.
Cllr Victoria Felton (Monk Bretton Ward)