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    Wednesday 8th January 2020

    - Posted by Victoria Felton 19:00


    On Tuesday 7th January 2020 a meeting was held to discuss the future of politics in Barnsley. Councillors, residents and others interested in improving Barnsley Council and the services it provides were present. Attendees included current serving Independent Councillors: representatives of the Barnsley Independent Group and the Democrats and Veterans Direct Democracy Party.

    Currently there are 7 elected Independent members on Barnsley Council which include Victoria Felton (Monk Bretton), Phil Birkinshaw (Dodworth), Andrew Gillis (Stairfoot), Gill Carr (Worsbrough), Sam Danforth (Dearne South) and Trevor Smith (Darfield). All Barnsley’s Independent Councillors serve their wards and residents and are not subject to a Party whip.

    The meeting determined to stand united for the people of Barnsley in May’s forthcoming local elections. The group aim to stand a full slate of local Barnsley residents in the wards around the borough in May under the ‘Barnsley Independent Group’ banner (BIG). All the candidates are local people who know their wards, who are independent minded who want to change politics in Barnsley for good.

    A BIG local manifesto is due to be launched soon which has been put together following the feedback from residents over recent years. Cllr Victoria Felton, elected in May 2019, said “…the people of Barnsley need to be listened to. Everywhere I go residents feel that they are not listened to. We elected Councillors need to understand that we are the people’s servants and we must respond to their views, their needs and their input.”

    The Leader of BIG on Barnsley Council Phil Birkinshaw commented “I am delighted that the likeminded Councillors, the and others who have campaigned for change and for Brexit for many years will be uniting in Barnsley to fight the local elections in May. We have developed good working relationships and the future for Barnsley politics is looking good – the people will have a real choice to elect hard working independent Councillors which can only be good for Barnsley. We have needed political reform for a long time and with a co-ordinated, constructive and sensible approach, I’m sure the public will respond with their support and their vote.”

    The party will also be releasing a BIG website where you can keep up to date with local issues, report problems and provide feedback to the Council and to BIG.

    In May there are 21 elected Councillors up for re-election the BIG aim is to field candidates who truly care about the people of Barnsley in each ward.

    A BIG Brexit leave party has been arranged for the 31st January at Highstone WMC. This is the date when the U.K. leaves the EU and all are welcome to come along, celebrate and discuss how to improve Barnsley as we can now look forward to better, more prosperous years ahead.