Our community work...

    ...is very important to our local councillors, however they have fantastic support in many areas. The Independent Group have many volunteers in the community who do a tremendous job. Independent councillors also work together to ensure we get the best results on any task we undertake.

Royston Area

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Kirk Harper worked tireless to ensure Royston had their very own defibrillator, he was very successful and the first Royston defibrillator was fitted in November 2019. Kirk had support from local residents and groups.

Kirk along with Cllr Victoria Felton cleaned Royston Dike. They both braved the weather and entered the water to ensure all rubbish was removed. While they were in the water Kirk noticed some blockages in the tunnels and they managed to clear 2 of the tunnels, however the third tunnel was so badly blocked that Kirk reported it to the council for clearing. The area did suffer in December 2019 with floods so its very important work continues to keep the Dike clear of litter and rubbish
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Kendray Area

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Kay lives in Kendray and after getting fed up of the area's litter she is often see out completing litter picks. Kay successfully set up a Voluntary community group with lots of residents who are working daily in the community. Cllr Andrew Gillis supports the group and often joins them on their litter picks. The group along with Cllr Andrew Gillis, Twiggs clean and green team also in the summer of 2019 cleared a number of street where the weeds were growing out of control in Kendray. Kay and her group can see a huge difference in the area with more people joining every week.


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Ray lives in Grimethorpe and is often seen helping out in his community. He often helps the Royal British Legion collect for remembrance Sunday. He is a member of Barnsley Athletic Club where he is a key member and supports young people at the Dorothy Hyman track. He is also a very keen campaigner for local GP surgeries and our local NHS and his aim is to ensure all residents get the best care possible.